Monday Aug 7, 2000

We have begun another Ontario Vacation. Our plan is to travel from Toronto to Goderich, Grand Bend, follow the southern coast east to Port Burwell, then home. Four days of carefully planned fun and relaxation.

My morning began at 6:30 am. I was asleep on the couch, (Sam's snoring drove me from the bedroom), when I heard the front door open. It was Dan, coming to check on the cats on his way to drop his girlfriend at work. He thought we had left already. Did I mention I was lying naked on the couch?

Cedar Court Motor Lodge Cedar Court Motor Lodge

I had booked us a room in the honeymoon suite at the Cedar Court Motor Lodge in Goderich. King size bed and a jacuzzi for two. Everything you need for a romantic evening including aroma. Perfume and cigarettes. The word 'Motor' should have been a tip off. At least there was a TV.

After checking with the Huron Tourism Association 'Striving for Excellence in the Tourism Industry' we chose to dine at Pearl's Chinese Restaurant. I never knew leftover chopped up hamburger patty was an ingredient in chow mein.

Dinner being less then edible, we decided to go back to the room and order pizza. Sam went out to the car to get something while I prepared for my jacuzzi bath. I was almost into the tub when there is a knock on the door. Sam should have brought the room key with him, the door is self locking. I was annoyed. I flung open the door. It wasn't Sam. It was the pizza man. I was naked again..

Sam at the beach in Goderich flying his kite.

Sam enjoying a good book.